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Stephen Dees, Hip Shot, RCA Records, producer, Daryl Hall

Tim Moore, High Contrast, Elektra-Asylum Records, producer, Ken Scott
Tim Moore, White Shadows, Electra-Asylum Records, Japanese re-issue, producer, Michael J. Jackson 

Tom Miller, A Place in Your Heart, Foolish Heart Records, producer, Tom Marolda

Skip Scarborough, Soul Togetherness, Expansion Records, Producer, Tom Marolda

The Jon Davis Band, The Memphis Sessions, feat.,  Jimi Jamison, Mercury Records, producer, Joe Hardy

Gypsy Joe & The Gypsy Blues Band, The Thrill Is Here, Independent release, producer, Joe Alves

The Bluescasters, Big Boy Records, Independent release, producer, Steve Shive. Co-producers, Howie Resnick, Tom McConnell

Billy Goodman Band, South Philly 1986, Independent release, producer, Andy Kravitz

Charles Ramsey, Love Don't Need to Feel So Foreign,  Independent release, producer, Lance Davis

Eryn Shewell & Pat Ruh, Children at Play - * "You Angel You", produced by Lance Davis (Dylan Tribute album) co-produced by Shane Moore - Dylan 70 ​ - ​Philadelphia Pays Tribute to a Legend

Brooke Shive & the 45's, Way Past Gone, Independent release, producers, Lance Davis & Jim Gilheany, exec. producer Steve Shive

Vermilion, EP, Independent release, producers, Ryan Shive, Steve Shive

Philadelphia Soul Society, Volume 2, with The Uptown Horns, producer, Scott Simon

KingFish, 2022, DDF/JAM Records, producer, John Mulhern

Steve Shive & The Urban Saints,  Hard Bargain, feat. Mikey Junior lead vocals, Victor Wainwright, piano, producer, Steve Shive

Stephen Dees, Hip Shot produced by Daryl Hall
Tim Moore, White Shadows, produced by Michael J. Jackson
Tim Moore, High Contrast, produced by Ken Scott
Brooke Shive & The 45's
Philadelphia Soul Society Vol. 2, produced by Scott Simon
Charles Ramsey, produced by Lance Davis
The Jon Davis Band, The Memphis Sessions, produced by Joe Hardy
Screenshot 2024-01-18 223459.png
Kingfish 2022, produced by John Austin Mulhern
Screenshot 2024-01-18 224222.png
phen Dees, Hip Shot produced by Daryl Hallsy Joe & The Gypsy Blues Band, Produced by Joe Alves
Bluescasters CD Cover.jpg
Skip Scarborough, produced by Tom Marolda
BIlly Goodman Band, produced by Billy Goodman, Andy Kravits
at SoundPlex Studios
With Jimmy Jackson
Steve Shive, musician, songwrtiter, drummer, producer


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More songs written by Steve & some of his collaborators!

Steve Shive
laying down backing vocals
Steve performing live
Racetrack Studios, Gettysburg, PA
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