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Steve Shive


Kingfish 1979, Dave Torbert, Danny Degennaro, Steve Shive, Tim Goodman, Michael O'Neill
Kingfish 1979, NYC - L to R:  Dave Torbert, Danny DeGennaro, Steve Shive, Tim Goodman, Michael O'Neill

Tj Tindall debuts his funk rock monster band, Tj Tindall's East Coast in the village town of New Hope, Pa. on 2/23/2013. Featuring the guitar and vocals of Mike Hampton; Charlie and Richie Ingui (The Soul Survivors); Gary "Bubba" Balduzzi; Steve Shive; Glenn McClelland; Jim Mahoney; Darryl Dixon & The Chops Horns; Earl Scooter; Peg Boas and Jessi Teich. The music and lyrics were by Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey; George Clinton and William "Bootsy" Collins. Remixed and Mastered by the Wizard, Andy Kravitz.

Steve Shive with Michael McDonald
Steve Shive, Michael McDonald
Kingfish 2022
Kingfish 2022

Eryn Shewell, lead vocals, guitars, Pat Ruh, guitar,  Jim Gilheany, bass,  Steve Shive, drums, produced by Lance Davis - from the album Dylan 70​-​Philadelphia Pays Tribute to a Legend

Charles Ramsey, piano, guitars, lead vocals   Steve Shive, drums,  guitar & Jim Gilheany, bass, Lance Davis backing vocals, produced by Lance Davis

Charles Ramsey, piano, guitars, lead vocal   Steve Shive, drums,  guitar & Jim Gilheany, bass, produced by Lance Davis

Kingfish interview on Danny's Creative House at SoundPlex Studios w/ Lisa Bouchelle, Michael O'Neill (Kingfish guitar & vocalist), Steve Amoroso (Kingfish Tour Manager) & Steve Shive, (Kingfish drummer)

Kingfish "Live" at Randall Thompson's house party with Danny "Rio" DeGennaro, guitar & lead vocals, Steve Shive , drums, Rick Stallard , guitar & John Betz, bass

Kingfish (c)2022, words & music by Steve Shive - Michael O'Neill, lead vocals, lead guitar, Steve Shive, drums, Dan Galvano, B-3 organ, Paul Baroli, bass, produced by John A. Mulhern

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